From Maine's rocky coast to her rugged mountains and farmland, EMHS cares for the people of Maine. While the nine hospitals (Acadia Hospital, Aroostook Medical Center, Eastern Maine Medical Center, Inland Hospital, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Sebasticook Valley Hospital, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, and Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital) are the most prominent members of EMHS, our integrated system serves as a foundation for more than 40 member organizations, including a for profit arm, Affiliated. The EMHS team is comprised of creative, enthusiastic, and motivated people who are committed to achieving the organizational goals and vision. EMHS, and its member organizations, attract people who are passionate about their work, and enjoy collaborating with those who share EMHS’ values to uphold the highest standards in behavior.

Our Team Supporting You:

The EMHS Talent Acquisition team is dedicated to supporting veterans as they determine their next career options. Here are just a few of the ways we are better positioning EMHS to assist our veterans:

  • Maine’s Hire-a-Vet 2016 Campaign: We attended the Kick-Off Job Fair and Training with 147 businesses throughout the State with a goal to hire 100 veterans in 100 days. This event included Military 101 Training identifying the structure and culture of the military. Our participation gave our recruiters an understanding of the different branches, rank, military structure components, pay structure and defined “Veteran Status”. By the end of the campaign in December, 2016, EMHS hired 42 Veterans.  During the campaign, we had the opportunity to hire two recruiters with military backgrounds onto the team. Now we have recruiters who have been on both sides of the resume and can help our hiring managers translate military experience to the healthcare field.
  • We participate monthly in the career fairs at the Career Centers throughout the state of Maine and all career fairs/events scheduled for veterans. Our recruiters receive profiles of veterans every week to review.
  • The EMHS Talent & Diversity Team offers workshops to all hiring managers to develop interviewing techniques which also focuses on a veteran component. 
  • EMHS is working with the Maine Department of Labor, veteran representatives, and local universities and colleges across the state to develop programs to help our veterans and active duty service men and women translate their military education and experience into civilian education and positions.
Veterans add a tremendous value to EMHS. Veterans possess important leadership skills, experience managing projects, supervising staff and adapting effectively to change. We are dedicated to supporting veterans as they determine their next career options. We encourage our veterans and their families to apply as we have a variety of openings throughout the state.