Dietary Aide

Job Number 47141
Posted 5/16/2017
Account Lakewood
Department Lakewood
Location Lakewood, ME 04901
Schedule Pool/Per Diem
Shift Variable
Hours Varies based on staffing needs
Job Details

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our residents and their families. Such care recognizes the importance of quality service to residents and co-workers. Each employee has the following responsibilities as an individual:

· Responsible - works independently, in a safe and appropriate manner.

· Sensitive - displays sensitivity and empathy to the needs of residents and co-workers.

· Timely - recognizes time as a most valuable resource and responds promptly to residents' and co-workers' needs.

· Accurate - works carefully and precisely, with attention to detail.

· Coordinated - organizes and delivers service in the proper order. Displays good organizational skills and utilizes resources wisely.

· Thorough - meets all requirements of the position. Is able to evaluate and follow-up services.

Summary of Major Functions

This position is responsible for the daily cleaning of resident/patient rooms, nursing stations, and all non-clinical areas which include: restrooms, offices, common areas, function rooms, etc.


To vary. Will include weekend and holiday hours as scheduled.

Essential Functions and Work Role Responsibilities

1. Maintains clean and sanitary conditions in assigned areas as directed, observing proper cleaning and disinfecting routines.

2. Has assigned section and is responsible for the complete cleaning of all rooms and surrounding areas within.

3. Is responsible for the thorough cleaning of all public and resident restrooms using established procedures.

4. Prepares discharge units for new admission in a timely manner.

5. Removes privacy curtains for cleaning as needed.

6. Reports observations concerning environmental and equipment wear, defects and malfunctioning to Maintenance Director using established work order policy.

7. Uses wet floor signs at all times to ensure overall staff/resident safety when cleaning floors.

8. Answers all housekeeping pages with cheerful enthusiasm.

9. Does not wait on residents but reports to nursing staff if there is a need for help.

10. Cooperates with other employees to promote efficiency and positive morale. Lends helping hands to fellow teammates if needed.

11. Rechecks rooms and restocks supplies as needed before the end of the shift.

12. Distributes clean linen using standard procedures.

13. Cleans and stores all equipment and restocks cart for the next day.

14. Keeps work areas clean and sanitary.

15. Strictly adheres to safety practices when handling chemicals.

16. Participates in and maintains own records of required yearly inservice education.

17. Be on call for weekends/holidays if requested by supervisor.

18. Has knowledge of cleaning blood spills per facility procedure.

19. Maintain a safe environment which includes knowing and understanding hospital and departmental policies and procedures.

20. Report and directly address identified environmental hazards when appropriate.

21. Report and directly address violations of patient safety policy and/or protocol when involved or observed.

22. Other duties as requested by Director.

Physical Environment

Works in a modern, well-equipped environment. Subject to irregular hours and holidays/weekends as needed.

Physical Criteria

· Moderate physical effort required.

· Duties to include: standing and walking 90% of work time.

· Lifting of 35 pounds on occasion.

· Frequent lifting, stooping, bending, reaching, pushing and pulling.

· Close attention to detail.

· Ability to lift arms above head and out to sides.

Occupational Risks

Failure to follow established procedures could result in undue exposure to safety hazards and/or disease/infection in resident contact.

Probability and Consequences of Errors

Duties involve responsibility for large equipment and for chemical usage. Injury could result from erroneous or untimely decisions, review, and/or follow-up.


Valid drivers license and/or reliable transportation. Ability to work well with others and to function effectively with a minimum of supervision. Ability to follow oral and written orders. Cleanliness and proper dress per department policy.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.