Job Number 47635
Posted 6/12/2017
Account The Aroostook Medical Center
Department Nursing Administration ARG
Location A.R. Gould Memorial Hospital, ME 04769
Schedule Regular Full-time
Shift Day
Hours 8-6
Job Details GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for planning and managing resources for all areas of responsibility and accountable for developing action plans to contribute to the organization's ability to carry out its mission and accomplish annual pillar goals. Models TAMC's Standards of Behavior. Supports TAMC's efforts to continuously improve services and in turn, TAMC's position, as a place to both give and receive care.

2. SPECIFIC POSITION SUMMARY: Contributes to the long-term growth and viability of The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC) consistent with the EMHS Mission and Strategic Plan. Responsible for ensuring the provision of high quality, cost-effective services with careful attention to annual targets set forth in the six pillars of excellence: Service, People, Growth, Finance, Quality and Community. Supports TAMC's effort to continuously improve services.
Responsible for safety. Maintains excellence in customer service. Ensures the efficient and effective operations of delivery of care for areas of responsibility. Accountable for budgeting and meeting financial targets. Responsible for compliance issues related to areas of responsibility. Engages/recognizes staff.
A. Responsible for safety*

1. Promotes open and non-punitive communication between healthcare workers, patients and families regarding clinical and environmental safety.*
2. Advocates with employee and non-employee healthcare workers to report and directly address patient and environmental safety concerns.*
3. Holds subordinate leaders accountable for accident/injury prevention and investigation including root cause analysis, as well as assisting in the return of injured workers to gainful employment.*

B. Maintains excellence in customer service through measurement and improvement action plans.*

C. Ensures the efficient and effective operations of processes in the delivery of service/care for areas of responsibility.*

D. Accountable for budgeting and meeting financial targets.*

E. Monitors compliance with legal and accrediting requirements relative to areas of responsibility, functions and services.*

F. Engages staff in providing and improving service delivery. *

G. Recognizes staff and others for contributions.*

H. Commits to assist TAMC in achieving a qualified and diverse workforce.*

I. Conducts ongoing high, middle, and low performer conversations with direct reports including appropriate follow up. Holds direct reports accountable for same with subordinate leaders and staff.*

J. Creates an individual development plan to improve leader skills, competence, and outcomes, and follows through with included tactics.*

Essential functions are identified by an asterisk

Facilitates services that are responsive to community and patient needs through effective leadership in planning, directing, coordinating, providing, and improving patient care.

Within specific areas of responsibility:

1. Communicates TAMC's mission, vision and strategic plan and contributes to TAMC's success in achieving its goals.*
2. Participates in planning services relative to areas of responsibilities and both provides and uses data in the planning process.*
3. Defines scope of service(s).*
4. Determines and manages financial requirements (operational and capital) to meet mission(s) and deliver scope of service(s).*
5. Collaborates with other leaders in ensuring the integration of services across functions.*
6. Monitors indicators of customer satisfaction with services/outcomes and initiates appropriate improvement interventions.*
7. Implements policies and procedures that guide and support the provision of services and collaborates with other leaders in the implementation of cross-functional policies and procedures.*
8. Ensures a sufficient number of qualified and competent persons to provide care/services.*
9. Participates in leadership forums as appropriate, such as Department meetings, Executive Leadership meetings, Operational leadership teams, etc.*
10. Participates in interdisciplinary, interdepartmental performance improvement activities as indicated.*
11. Ensures compliance with all EMHS-TAMC directives and policies when applicable.*
12. Holds team meetings on at least a monthly basis and provides absent team members the opportunity to read minutes.*
13. Rewards individual and team efforts.*
14. Sets parameters for staff to make independent decisions.*
15. Encourages staff input in decision making and planning.*
16. Facilitates planned organizational changes through ongoing communications to staff and feedback to leadership.*
17. Keeps current in field and incorporates innovations for improved efficiencies and effectiveness.*

Supports TAMC's performance improvement plan and facilitates quality improvement initiatives organization-wide and within own areas of responsibility.
1. Communicates TAMC's performance improvement plan to staff.*
2. Identifies quality indicators to monitor and implements quality improvements as indicated. *
3. Ensures staff has the needed competencies to foster continuous performance improvement and involves staff in ongoing PI activities.*
4. Uses data to assess quality of services and compares to other hospitals and reference databases.*
5. Uses customer feedback to improve services. Ensures compliance with standards across EMHS.*

Ensures the right number of competent staff to meet the needs of patients and ensures qualifications are consistent with job responsibilities. Ensures ongoing staff competency assessment as well as initial orientation are completed. Completes direct report evaluations in a timely manner.
1. Defines the qualifications and performance expectations for all staff positions.*
2. Ensures an adequate number of staff members with qualifications consistent with job responsibilities.*
3. Ensures the competence of all staff members is assessed, maintained, demonstrated, and continually improved.*
4. Provides an orientation process for staff and assesses the ability of orientees to fulfill specified responsibilities.*
5. Maintains documentation of staff member competency upon hire and ongoing.*
6. Determines which staff competencies to assess periodically using rationales, such as low volume/high risk, problematic issues, new technology, etc.*
7. Integrates the annual performance review with an annual competency review as appropriate. 8. Sets annual goals with all direct reports.*
9. Develops with staff both individual and departmental development plans in response to competency trend data, individual performance/competency reviews, QI data, etc.*
10. Complies with all HR Policies.*
11. Completes staff evaluations in a timely manner.*
12. Provides HR with staff competency data as requested.*

Provides a safe, functional, and effective environment of patients, staff members, and other individuals in the hospital

1. Provides orientation and education for staff regarding the environment of care and ensures staff possess the knowledge and skills to perform their responsibilities under the environment of care management plans.*
2. Initiates safety committees for all areas of responsibility and documents safety initiatives and reports in staff meeting minutes.*
3. Ensures staff complies with annual safety training requirements.*
4. Complies with all safety and security management plans.*

Obtains, manages, and uses information to improve patient outcomes and individual and hospital performance in patient care, governance, management, and support services
1. Communicates the Information System's Strategic Plan to staff.*
2. Provides IS with information regarding needs for information management processes when applicable.*
3. Ensures the confidentiality, security, and integrity of data and information is maintained for areas of responsibility.*
4. Ensures appropriate staff members are educated and trained in the principles of information management.*
5. Holds monthly staff meetings using standard TAMC staff meeting agenda and maintains accurate minutes.*
6. Identifies business applications for use of information technologies, such as the internet, etc.*

Assists in the facilitation and management of volume and bed capacity using tools and methods developed to support access to TAMC.
1. Communicates daily plan for capacity management to members of ELT when patient diversion is required.*
2. Interacts with Nursing Management and Care Management to manage capacity.*
3. Supports and assists with alternative care models as capacity dictates.*

Maintains and improves knowledge and skills relative to leadership role and services function.

1. Participates in relevant professional associations and conferences.*
2. Obtains professional certifications where applicable.*
3. Complies with mandatory training requirements, such as various policies, sexual harassment, etc.*
4. Joins at least two community organizations (Professional and/or Volunteer) to gain community exposure and personal growth.*
5. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Master's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience. Minimum of 5 years progressively responsible health care management experience required. Thorough knowledge of hospital operations required.

While equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered, a Master's degree is preferred.

Maine RN license or eligible required.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.