Clinical Operations Manager

Job Number 48100
Posted 6/26/2017
Account Affiliated Healthcare Systems
Department Meridian
Location MMH - Douglas H. Brown Building - Union St., ME 04401
Schedule Regular Full-time
Shift Day
Hours days

The Clinical Operations Manager's role is to provide leadership and oversight to help Meridian Mobile Health and Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems achieve the goal of "Best in Class" status. The Clinical Operations Manager will have direct oversight of all daily operations and imperatives, work through shift leadership and supervisors to select and evaluate EMS providers and Wheelchair Transportation Technicians, and track and report out daily, weekly and monthly utilization statistics. This individual will contribute and adhere to organization's budget as it relates to operations and other areas of responsibility. The individual will develop policies, training, measurement methodologies, and long term operational strategies that will enable Meridian Mobile Health and Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems to realize long term strategic goals in an evolving world of healthcare delivery.

To be successful, the individual in this position must:

· Value relationship building and collaboration

· Be able to interact in a professional, positive and ethical manner with all levels of the organization and with the external community

· Demonstrate ability to communicate at all levels in the company through presentations, reports and orally

· Demonstrate ownership and accountability

· Delegate effectively and hold others accountable

· Be a visionary in terms of defining future delivery models of Emergency Medical Services that better serve the needs of customers and be able to operationalize those visions

· Develop and achieve defined metrics, methods and procedures which drive results across the System

· Be able to manage multiple projects and effectively deal with a fast-paced and changing environment

· Be an effective manager of people, processes and situations

· Be a role model in the delivery of services that are deemed to be superior in the eyes of the customers


  1. Leadership

a. Understand, implement and communicate our mission, vision and strategic plan

b. Participate in planning process for areas of responsibility by providing and analyzing data

c. Define scope of service(s) for areas of responsibility

d. Collaborate with other leaders to ensure the integration of services within EMHS

e. Maintain and monitor indicators of customer satisfaction and outcome

f. Initiate appropriate improvement interventions to enhance market share

g. Develop and implement policies and procedures to guide and support those services, which achieve organizational and system goals

h. Collaborate with other leaders in the operation of cross-functional policies to achieve organizational and/or system goals

i. Participate in leadership forums, committees, and/or other interdisciplinary, organizational, and system performance improvement activities

j. Ensure personnel and staff are in compliance with all EMHS System Corporate Compliance Program activities such as relevant standards, rules, regulations and statutes of various governmental or regulatory bodies

k. Establish parameters for staff to make independent decisions

l. Represent the organization in all interactions with staff, patients/residents and families, medical staff, other health care professionals and the general public

m. Participate in community organizations

n. Provide on call administrator support to supervisors and shift leaders

  1. Improving Organizational Performance

a. Develop, refine and deploy operational policies that pertain to daily Basic Life Support (BLS) and wheelchair operations and companywide logistics

b. Work with other leaders to develop and communicate the organization's performance improvement plan to staff

c. Ensure staff has the needed competencies to perform in accordance with expected standards and to foster continuous performance improvements

d. Use objective data to assess quality of services and compare to other benchmarks and reference databases

e. Proactively, seek out customer feedback to improve services

f. Respond to customer questions, complaints and suggestions and inform them of actions taken

g. Ensure compliance with standards across EMHS

h. Celebrate accomplishments with staff

i. Develop long term strategies for improving operational performance and service lines of the organization that recognize the evolving models of healthcare delivery, finance and customer/client expectations

  1. Management of Finances

a. Provide capital budget requests and rationale to the Business Manager and Director of Ground Transport for annual budgeting process

b. In concert with the Business Manager, prepare staffing and operations budget for assigned service lines

c. Ensure budgeted financial outcomes (operational and capital) to meet mission and deliver scope of service

d. Control costs and enhance revenues where applicable, taking measures to be more cost effective

e. Monitor and analyze productivity on a regular basis

f. Utilize appropriate resources to develop plans of action to continuously improve financial performance of the organization

g. Seek creative solutions and alternatives, which improve performance and productivity

h. Work to strengthen the financial performance of assigned service line(s) and the organization as a whole

  1. Management of Human Resources

a. Provide continuous and ongoing attention to the needs and performance of Shift Leaders

b. Ensure an adequate number of qualified staff consistent with job responsibilities and approved standards of productivity.

c. Define the qualifications and performance expectations for EMTs and Wheelchair Transportation Technician and fleet coordinator positions.

d. Provide an initial orientation process for all employees and assess EMT's and Wheelchair transport technician's ability to fulfill specified responsibilities.

e. Integrate EMHS Leader/Manager Core Competencies into performance evaluation tool

f. Determine which staff competencies to assess using rationales, such as low volume/high risk, problematic issues, new technology, etc.

g. Ensure the clinical competence of all staff members is assessed, maintained, demonstrated and continually improved

h. Integrate the timely annual performance appraisal of all staff with an annual competency review as appropriate

i. Maintain documentation of staff competency through periodic competency assessment

j. In collaboration with staff, create individual and departmental development plans based on competency trend data, individual performance/competency reviews, QI data, etc.

k. Understand and comply with all HR Policies

l. Direct staff in the performance of their duties

m. Maintain positive employee relationships through clear, timely and accurate communications

n. Maintain standards for individual and departmental productivity

o. Hold / participate in staff meetings on at least a monthly basis and provide absent staff the opportunity to read minutes

p. Ensure and oversee provider credentialing for all levels of providers

  1. Management of the Environment of Care

a. Provide orientation and education to staff regarding the environment of care

b. Develop and initiate safety programs / procedures as needed

c. Document safety initiatives in staff meeting minutes

d. Ensure staff complies with annual safety training requirements

e. Comply with all safety and security management plans

f. Utilize safety resources such as Human Resources, Safety Manuals, OSHA and State guidelines to maintain a safe work environment

g. Ensure that the work environment is free from recognized hazards that create a risk of injury to employees, patients or visitors

h. Ensure that all accidents & incidents are reported by employees and are properly investigated

i. Assist in the return of all workers with work related injuries and illnesses to unrestricted status Integrate Basic Life Support (BLS) level services with Advanced Life Support services and Critical Care Transport to include: vehicle acquisition, logistics, and maintenance, ambulance base facilities, dispatch operations, communications equipment, other fleet equipment such as ambulance stretchers.

  1. Management of Information

a. Provide EMHS IS with information regarding needs for information management processes

b. Ensure the confidentiality, security, and integrity of data and information within areas of responsibility

c. Ensure staff is trained in the principles of EMHS information management

d. Facilitate organizational changes through ongoing communications to staff and feedback to leadership

e. Hold monthly staff meetings and document using standard format

  1. Professional Growth and Development

a. Keep current in field and incorporate innovations to improve efficiencies and effectiveness

b. Develop, implement, and evaluate annually a personal development plan to improve and enhance leadership skills

c. Develop, coach, nurture and mentor those in direct report

d. Serve as a role model

e. Provide constructive input for improving performance

f. Respond to employee input to improve the work environment and the overall quality of work life

g. Identify and mentor potential successor when possible


Educational / Licensing Requirements:

- Bachelor's Degree Required

- Licensed in Maine as a Paramedic

- Health Care Provider CPR certification

- Maine driver's license

- AVOC or equivalent certification

- BTLS, PHTLS or other trauma training

- NRP Certification

Experience / Skill Requirements:

- Five years Pre-hospital EMS experience

- Experience with operational areas, such as vehicle operations and maintenance, scheduling, utilization review

Core Skills:

- Maintains harmonious work relationships

- Complies with policies / procedures

- Completes assigned duties within designated time

- Provides quality customer service

Work Environment:

- May have extensive computer / phone use

- Close proximity to co-workers

- Moderate noise levels at times due to equipment/siren usage

- Time sensitive service standards

- Must be able to work under pressure and work closely with co-workers in a client-oriented environment.

- Both local and long distance travel required.

- Presence of body fluids and chemicals

- Extreme environmental conditions including heat, cold and moisture, on occasion

Physical Requirements:

- Sitting, standing, stooping, reaching, bending, walking, stretching, grasping, repetitive motions.

- May be subject to sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time.

- Visual acuity, to include color, depth perception and field of vision with or without correction.

- Very heavy lifting: (in excess of 100 pounds occasionally, and/or in excess of 50 pounds frequently, and/or in excess of 20 pounds constantly.

- Sufficient auditory function to hear phones, pages, instrument and/or system alarms, verbal commands.

- Must be able to communicate verbally with others, to include phone and/or radio equipment.

- Must have the ability to communicate verbally with others via radio and telephone equipment.

- Must have the ability to lift up to 125 pounds; must be able to lift and carry 250 pounds with assistance.

- Must possess good manual dexterity, with ability to perform all tasks related to quality patient care.

- Must be able to bend, stoop, and crawl on uneven terrain.

- Must be able to withstand the extremes of the environment including heat, cold, and moisture.

- Must be able to work in confined spaces.

- Must not suffer from habitual intemperance in the use of narcotics, hypnotics, alcohol, or other substances that might result in the employee performance that endangers others.

- Must have distant visual acuity of at least 20/40 (Snellen) in each eye without corrective lenses or visual acuity separately corrected to 20/40 (Snellen) or better with corrective lenses, distant binocular acuity of at least 20/40 (Snellen) in both eyes with or without corrective lenses, field of vision of at least 70° in the horizontal meridian in each eye, and the ability to recognize the colors of traffic signals and devices showing standard red, green, and amber

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