Clinical Supervisor - Consult Services

Job Number 49620
Posted 9/6/2017
Account Acadia Hospital
Department Consult Services
Location Acadia Hospital, ME 04402
Schedule Regular Full-time
Shift Day
Hours 8a-430p

The primary role of this position is to develop and ensure the delivery of high fidelity and efficacious therapeutic treatment within one or more Acadia Hospital treatment programs and to provide clinical direction and supervision to clinicians (e.g. LCSW's, LCPC's, etc.) to ensure that services are 1) aligned with Acadia Hospital's clinical philosophies, 2) evidence-based, and 3) outcome-informed. As a member of the hospital's Clinical Leadership Team, the supervisor is actively involved in establishing, modifying and maintaining the fidelity of clinician services hospital-wide.

To be successful, the individual in this position must:

· Establish and monitor practice and outcome benchmarks and standards in their area(s).

· Demonstrate the ability to synthesize and interpret patient outcome data for patterns/trends to inform decision making about programmatic modifications and clinical interventions.

· Demonstrate leadership and accountability in developing and managing clinical programs.

· Implement flexible yet targeted supervision models to continually develop the professional skills of the providers under their direct supervision.

· Possess a vast clinical knowledge base about the population served in their program area(s).

· Specialize in establishing, training and monitoring clinical documentation content that reflects high-quality patient care including but not limited to psychiatric evaluations, psychosocial assessments, treatment plans and progress notes.


a. Administrative

a. Participates with administrator in preparation of yearly budget.

b. Exercises authority in the interest of the organization to select, hire, develop, evaluate, counsel, discharge, assign, reward and discipline assigned employees.

c. Addresses employees issues, concerns and grievances, administers policies fairly, equitably and consistently.

d. Monitors clinician productivity to ensure meeting agency defined goal.

e. Actively participates in group planning, implementation, and processing at the departmental level and hospital wide as requested.

f. Develops and maintains feedback systems to allow for input from patients, family members and community providers to inform quality improvement efforts.

g. Monitors program effectiveness and operational efficiency.

h. Schedules staff work shifts and assigns responsibilities to provide appropriate coverage for department functions.

b. Clinical

a. Clinical practice reflects advanced clinical knowledge and skills, and is consistent with the mission and philosophies of Acadia Hospital and license.

b. Possess the core competencies of self-management, reflective practice, collaboration, systems thinking, initiative, and flexibility.

c. Provides clinical review, recommendations, and intervention with complicated and repeating clients through case conferencing.

d. Consistently models recovery principles, ethical values and collaborative, multidisciplinary team work.

e. Continually fosters a treatment environment that supports strong therapeutic alliance and relevant treatment structures to eliminate use of restraints.

f. Consistently demonstrates the timely completion of psychiatric evaluations, psychosocial assessments, individualized master treatment plans, effective interventions, and discharge planning per hospital policy.

g. Consistently demonstrates reliance on relevant outcome data to inform clinical practice as evidenced through clinical supervision and documentation within patient records.

h. Actively engages patients in review of their outcome data and within treatment planning efforts.

i. Develops treatment plans that consistently reflect measurable patient goals and objectives and specific active treatment provisions to achieve those goals.

j. Conducts psychiatric evaluations which portray a biographical-historical perspective of the patient, with a clear psychological picture of the patient as a specific human being with his or her individual problems.

k. Accurately diagnoses patients using DSM 5.

c. Supervisory

a. Exudes strong leadership skills and the ability to organize and provide clinical direction and supervision to all assigned clinicians.

b. Adapts supervisory model to match professional development needs of assigned clinicians.

c. Develops and oversees implementation of department orientation for new clinician providers and ongoing clinical staff development initiatives.

d. Ensures that program structures and practices are consistent with federal and state licensing regulations and hospital-specific policies.

e. Demonstrates supervisory processes sufficient to implement, modify and sustain changes to provider responses to corrective action plans or changes to programmatic standards.

f. Triages and facilitates patient, family and community questions, or concerns, about treatment quality and programming efficacy in conjunction with Senior Director of Clinician Services and Analytics.

g. Equitably distributes caseloads, assigns tasks and projects and consistently extends opportunities for social work providers to enhance professional, leadership and supervisory skills.

h. Addresses critical events and grievances, and conducts case audits as requested.

i. Completes employee performance evaluations on time.

j. Ensures uninterrupted treatment provisions collaborating with other program areas as necessary to cover workload.

d. Evidence Based Practice

a. Establishes and maintains clinical staff competencies and treatment program fidelity to evidence based practice models.

b. Ensures that clinical interventions across programs are consistent with service plan and developmental level and needs of client.

c. Models and teaches a range of treatment skills in multiple modalities depending on client response to treatment.

d. Establishes and ensures program practices that facilitate consistent communication and collaboration with Acadia Hospital programs and community provider systems.

e. Participates in designing, implementing and evaluating clinical program operations/performance improvement initiatives in conjunction with Service Administrator and Senior Director of Clinician Services and Alanlytics.

f. Supports a work environment that potentiates staff development and monitoring to develop clinical leaders and to promote non-medical clinical services as a significant component to recovery-oriented systems of care.

e. Outcome Informed

a. Ensures that active treatment across services is relevant, high quality, recovery-oriented and outcome informed.

b. Ensures that assessment, treatment planning, and discharge planning on all patients served is completed according to regulations, hospital policies and client/family perceptions of needs.

i. Ensures consistent quality monitoring of psychiatric evaluations for brevity, content and diagnostic accuracy.

ii. Ensures consistent quality monitoring and feedback loops of treatment plans that reflect patient goals, measurable objectives and specific active treatment provisions to achieve those goals.

iii. Ensures consistent quality monitoring and feedback loops of clinical documentation that reflects evidence based practice and use of clinical outcomes to inform care delivery.

f. Other Duties

a. Represents the hospital formally and informally by providing general education regarding mental illness and chemical dependency.

b. Assists in maintaining work environment free from recognized hazards that create a risk of injury to employees, patients or visitors and that all accidents and incidents are reported by the employee and properly investigated.

c. When appropriate, assists with the return of all workers with work related injuries and illnesses to gainful employment.

d. Facilitates communication throughout Acadia Hospital, Acadia Healthcare to maintain discipline, morale, and harmonious personnel relationships.

e. Participates in committee activities as asked including function teams and ad hoc committees.


1. Licensed Clinical Social Worker by the Maine State Board of Social Work or Psychologist licensed by the Maine Board of Examiners in Psychology or Licensed Professional Counselor by the Maine Board of Professional Counselors.

2. Ability to be flexible and exercise independent judgment.

3. Demonstrates collegial and multi-disciplinary relationships along the treatment continuum.

4. Experience in hospital-based clinical treatment services preferred.

5. Completes Healthstream Mandatory Education on a yearly basis.

6. Attends all mandatory safety related education programs.

7. Follows safety procedures to prevent injury to self and others.

8. Carries assigned keys and wears hospital ID badge at all times.

9. Refrains from the abuse of chemicals.

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