Access Center Associate

Job Number 55399
Posted 8/8/2018
Account Acadia Hospital
Department Access Center
Location Acadia Hospital, ME 04402
Schedule Regular Full-time
Shift Night
Hours 2100-0700, Monday through Thursday
Job Details Job Summary:

The Access Center Associate gathers, summarizes and prioritizes client information for individuals being referred for admission. He/she presents case information to Clinical, Psychiatric and Nursing staff; schedules evaluations and admissions; fields crisis calls and provides emergency interventions when needed; provides information to the public about Acadia programs and other community resources. He/she is instrumental in maintaining an accurate accounting of patient census in Acadia programs. He/she provides after-hours back up to multiple Acadia departments including Registration, Utilization Management, Ambulatory Clinic and the Narcotic Treatment Program. The work environment is generally active, with multiple tasks occurring simultaneously, regular exposure to emotionally laden and confidential information, and may be psychologically stressful. The work setting is an office, hospital, and outpatient clinic, with frequent encounters with patients, family members, and staff. Equipment used includes computers, fax machines, telephones, security equipment, alarm systems photocopiers, and ITV equipment. Perform any duties and/or responsibilities assigned by Manager or Supervisor for which qualified.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

People Pillar

· Reports to work as scheduled – attendance, punctuality. (e.g., reliability).

· Acts as a role model for other employees within the department or organization.

· Adheres to Acadia professional appearance policy / dress code.

· Maintains and exhibits a professional, positive attitude towards co-works, work, and organization.

· Demonstrates a commitment to co-workers, job duties, and organization (e.g., team player).

· Assists in maintaining a work environment free from recognized hazards that create a risk of injury to employees, patients, or visitors, and that all accidents and incidents are reported by employees and properly investigated. When appropriate, assists with the return of all works with work – related injuries and illnesses to gainful employment.

· Uses the appropriate degree of professionalism, friendliness and assertiveness as required by the situation.

· Works cooperatively with other supervisors, clinical staff, registration, HeIS and patient account services to ensure collection and distribution of all pertinent information.

· Fosters development of teamwork through communication with coworkers toward achievement of departmental goals.

· Attends Department Staff meetings, documented 50% of the time, and documents review of materials 100% of the time, as well as maintains knowledge of changes and information pertinent to the department by use of email, currents, and reviewing posted documentation.

· Represents the Department in a positive and professional manner in the organization.

· Actively participates in the training of new staff.

· Attendance is flexible, punctual and reliable, and necessary absences are planned in advance.

· Contributes to coverage of other shifts, holidays, etc.

· Interdepartmental communications are effective and professional, per Acadia Hospital IDD HR – 114.

Growth Pillar

· Supports and braces change in job and organization.

· Proactively seeks out solutions to problems.

· Continually develops skills and/or job knowledge.

· Participates in skills training opportunities available to him/her.

· Actively seeks out supervisory consultation; takes responsibility for own learning needs; asks for feedback regarding self-management, initiative, collaboration and flexibility.

· Seeks out and communicates with supervisor in regard to educational opportunities pertaining to Acadia Hospital, and professional growth.

Quality Pillar

· Completed iCare training as required for current year (or preceding year if evaluation occurs in January).

· Adheres to "EMHS Code of Conduct" and follows all applicable compliance policies/regulations.

· Works safely and follows all safety policies; reports incidents or hazards immediately.

· Takes ownership of problems and proactively seeks out solutions.

· Understands the mission of Acadia Hospital and familiarizes self with the facility's policies, procedures, and Inter-Departmental Directives (IDD).

· Case presentations are accurate and objective, delivered in an organized, succinct, professional manner, using appropriate medical and psychiatric terminology.

· Logs, shift reports, and other administrative paperwork are accurate and on time.

· Screens client records as outlined in the Acadia UM Plan while communicating with external review organizations to advocate for patient access of benefits and appropriate level of care.

· Screens client records to determine active case conference plan.

· Screens sex offender registry to ensure patient safety.

· Coordinates with coworkers to maintain accurate census information, whiteboard, and involuntary and DDPC/RPC databases.

Service Pillar

· Provides excellent customer service, both for internal and external customers.

· Responds to phone calls, voice mail messages, and emails in a timely manner.

· Exercises good judgment and responds to urgent situations in a timely manner.

· Maintains self-composure and dignity in crisis situations.

· Notifies supervisor and, when appropriate, other management staff regarding unusual incidents and new information about pertinent issues.

· Demonstrates flexibility and initiative regarding other responsibilities as delegated by supervisors.

· Effectively utilizes information sources to identify resources to meet the inquirer's needs and provides accurate information about Acadia programs and community resources, at a level of detail appropriate to the nature of the inquiry.

· Demonstrates a professional, non-judgmental and culturally sensitive understanding of patients and patient needs.

· Advocate for clients to facilitate them getting into services in a timely manner.

· Accurately schedules appointments including, but not limited to , Open Access, scheduled evaluations, Care Coordination.

· Registration and admissions training is up-to-date and coverage functions are completed accurately (per pre-cert supervisor).

· Pre-certification training is up-to-date and after-hours coverage functions are completed accurately (per pre-cert supervisor).

· After-hours ambulatory clinic coverage functions are performed appropriately (per House Administrator and ambulatory clinic supervisor)

· Afer-hours NTP coverage functions are performed appropriately (per House Administrator and NTP clinic supervisor)

· Other after-hours coverage functions are performed as needed (per House Administrator).

· Routinely answers call related to physicians on call coverage and relays all pertinent information required to the physician.

· Provides information to House Administrator staff during a crisis situation and records all interactions. Keeps House Administrator staff informed of any deficiencies or unusual incidences during shift.

· Establishes rapport, asks relevant questions and use good listening skills to discern the presenting problem and elicits necessary information, always treating client with respect and dignity.

· Documents information in an organized, succinct and professional manner.

· Accurately assesses the severity and urgency of the presenting problem and assigns the correct clinical category.

· Effectively utilizes the Clinical Review system.

· Ensures timely follow-up in all cases.

· Knows safety practices and performs as necessary (response to codes, infection control procedures, etc.).

· Makes effective use of unstructured time (professional development, seeks out tasks in the department).

· Supports inpatient and outpatient programs with gathering additional information and scheduling appointments.

· Works with community providers as the gatekeeper for admissions to DDPC.

· Coordinate the legal process for the hospital ensuring blue paper, 24 hour recertification, application to court, medications over objections, next of kin letters, dismissals, and extensions are accurate and done in a timely manner in accordance with the law.

· Communicates with the Attorney General's office and the court on a weekly basis in preparation for court hearings on Fridays.

· Accurately receives disaster information, notifies appropriate personnel and departments. Documents al information and signals all clear as required.

· Follows procedures for assisting customers with language interpreter services per protocol.

· Demonstrates ability to perform ups multiple ways with the XTEND system (Example: by name, department name, pager IS, location, dial number).

· Demonstrates the proper procedure for sending pages through the XTEND system using alpha-numeric, numeric, smart phone messaging).

· Demonstrates the ability to look up messaging in the XTEND systems and to print them if needed.

· Demonstrates responsibility for activating pages and in-house verbally paging all emergency codes and documents all pertinent information.

· Monitors and maintains accurate and pertinent patient information in XTEND.

· Maintains familiarity with the maintenance panel, recognizing and understanding alarms and who to contact should alarm become active.

· Responds to ambulance call bell according to pre-established protocol.

· Supports Communication Technicians with radio contact during rounds.

Finance Pillar

· Seeks out ways to reduce operating costs or increases efficiency within role/department.

· Acts in a cost conscious manner with regard to use of supplies

· Actively monitors and eliminates weekly overtime with assistance of their supervisor by schedule adjustments.

Job Requirements:

· Bachelor's Degree in Human Services or a related field required

· MHRT/C preferred

· Related experience in the mental health field with knowledge of psychiatric and chemical dependency terminology and hospital reimbursement systems preferred.

· Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.

· Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner in the community.

· Maintains regulatory requirements, including Joint Commission, Federal, and State.

· Complies with all organizational policies regarding the EMHS Code of Conduct and ethical business practices.

· Completes Healthstream Mandatory Education on a yearly basis.

· Attends all mandatory safety-related education programs.

· Follows safety procedures to prevent injury to self and others.

· Carries assigned keys and wears hospital ID badge at all times.

· Refrains from the abuse of chemicals.

Other Skills Required:

· Must possess good oral and written communication skills in the English language.

· Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively with patients, families, physicians, psychiatric clinicians and nurses, and representatives from insurance and managed care companies in potentially high stress situations.

· Must be able to organize and manage multiple tasks.

· Must have the ability to work as a team member with coworkers.

· Competency in verbal and written communication is required.

· Cognitive requirements include the ability to analyze a situation and demonstrate good judgment to arrive at a solution utilizing appropriate resources.

· Must maintain an age-appropriate therapeutic environment.

· Age-based competency in children, adolescents, adults and geriatrics, and disability-based competency for chemical dependency required.

Physical Requirements:

· Visual acuity, color vision, hearing acuity, and tactile sensation are necessary to respond to patient response and requests.

· The ability to read and speak English, to communicate and document information.

· Must possess the manual dexterity and a degree of body strength and flexibility to respond to aggressive patient behavior.

· The ability to reach and stretch intermittently.

· Time may be spent sitting at a computer, collaborating with other healthcare team members.

· Standing and walking comprises some of the workday.

· Psychiatric and substance abuse treatment hospital.

Equal Opportunity Employment
We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.